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Des experts au service des élus

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The EC and CHSCT elected representatives must assert their central position in the social and economic life of the company. The State entrusted them with important tasks. To analyze projects and assert their positions, elected officials need training, but also competent and present experts. The law provides them with this possibility and offers appropriate financial means.

AXIUM positions itself, with its experts and trainers, in advising and assisting staff representatives for:

  • CHSCT with assistance to analyze working conditions and detect risk factors, assess your health and safety issues, prevent stress in the company, concretely improve quality of work life, propose solutions, etc.
  • EC or CCE to assist them in decoding accounts, anticipating difficulties, anticipating reorganizations, identifying employment and compensation issues, clarifying the strategy of shareholders, and identifying the social consequences on the organization of work.

Une mobilité en France et outre-mer

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Presence and mobility

Representative of the regional or overseas staff, and for any sector of activity, you must have easy access to a quality expert, training or accompaniment. This is vital to the effectiveness of your DuP, CE, CCE or CHSCT mandate.

The Axium experts and trainers ensure this presence expected by the field. You are in 3/8, at night, or in day schedule, if need of expertise, our schedules adapt to yours. It’s a commitment!

Our agencies in Paris, Marseille, Nantes and Agen cover the territory to be close to the teams of elected and mandated. Any requests for training or expertise are discussed with you. If necessary, Axium may be present, on site, within 48 hours.

Sometimes the elected person needs advice or a relevant response, for the time being. One of our experts is then reachable quickly. This availability of Axium is appreciated. It is an imperative of confidence.


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Our experienced consultants

Experts Axium: competence and quality of the network

More than 500 union teams have trusted Axium for 10 years. Our elected representatives are our partners, not our clients.

The competence and experience of the experts are true Axium professional choices. Each expert is confirmed, recognized and specialized in his field, with a proven knowledge of the IRP.

Thus we can respond with relevance to your expectations CE or CHSCT by quality services, expected of the elected.

In order to carry out your EC and CEC economic mission, for the annual review of the accounts, during a PES or a right of alert, Axium always proposes an accountant registered with the Order. It is a pledge of seriousness and success. Axium has forged a complementary network with specialized lawyers or tax lawyers, financial analysts or business strategy analysts.

For a CHSCT mission, Axium experts are confirmed: ergonomists, sociologists or occupational psychologists, engineers, etc. All hold a bac +5 or a doctorate


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L'équipe Axium

Expert CHSCT
Directrice de Développement
Expert CHSCT
Directrice de Projet

Votre accompagnement personnalisé

A personalized accompaniment

You are an elected, committed, determined, with or without experience. Your mission has contours sometimes difficult to grasp, with complex aspects to understand. Any approach may be tricky.

Difficult to prioritize the questions and your actions?

While fulfilling its mission, the expert is precisely there to accompany you, to help structure your practice.

When Axium intervenes with the DUP, CE or CHSCT, it is regularly a question of social appointments to be built. An appointment between a team and a project, a serious risk, an analysis of accounts. This team affirms its stakes, with its priorities, its objectives and its internal organization.

Axium, in the respect of all, proposed to a customized intervention, adapted to the questions raised by the elected representatives. The diagnosis and studies remain unique and personalized to the company and the sector of activity. The presence before, during and after the mission is assured. The expert remains available several months after the mission.


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